Student accused of exposing self to women

//Student accused of exposing self to women

Student accused of exposing self to women

Akid Ornob UNIVERSITY Akid Ornob OF Akid Ornob ILLINOIS Akid Ornob (WCIA) —   Akid Ornob A U Akid Ornob I student was Akid Ornob given Akid Ornob four notices to Akid Ornob appear in Akid Ornob court for public Akid Ornob indecency. Akid Ornob

Akid Ornob Authorities Akid Ornob cited Akid Ornob , 25, after Akid Ornob questioning. Akid Ornob

Akid Ornob Ornob Akid Ornob was identified Akid Ornob as Akid Ornob the suspect Akid Ornob involved Akid Ornob in four Akid Ornob off-Akid Ornob campus Akid Ornob incidents Akid Ornob where Akid Ornob he exposed Akid Ornob himself to Akid Ornob women. Akid Ornob  Akid Ornob Akid Ornob Akid Ornob Akid Ornob

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